We provide our clients with 'time-saving business solutions'

Would you like to quickly identify how you can save money and grow your business? Completed online and for free, the aim of TRUST is to gather the key information we need to understand your needs and identify how we can help.

What’s required & the process:

  • You commit around 30 minutes of your time to carry out the online TRUST diagnosis.
  • You answer questions about your business and/or finances.
  • We analyse your answers and identify key areas where gains might be possible and where downsides can be avoided.
  • We then get together to discuss, there is also no charge for this meeting.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive Client Service Plan, including a summary of your Top Five Action Items to keep you on track.

Our ultimate goal is to help you save money (e.g. through tax minimisation) and grow your revenue, by focusing on the issues that really matter.

Try TRUST now and experience the KDA Tax & Financial Services difference for yourself:

Select from one of four TRUST diagnosis templates:

Focuses on general business issues

For investments, wealth protection, retirement planning & estate planning

For identifying and developing internal people to fill key business leadership positions in the company.

For income tax, investment, insurance protection, savings or debt management


Create a username & password to login.
Complete the TRUST assessment

We’ll then send you the report your info has generated and arrange a time to discuss