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Tax Return Preparation


At KDA Accountants & Business Advisors, we like to go the extra step when it comes to preparing your tax return. We see ourselves as more than a once a year accountant. Our ideal is to advise you on all of your business and investments queries throughout the year. This includes … Read more


KDA Tax & Financial Services can help you navigate the (increasingly) complex world of taxation in Australia. We can provide you with comprehensive tax services in the areas of: Tax consulting advice: Capital Gains Tax, Payroll Tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST) Fringe Benefits Tax (FB …Read more


At KDA Tax & Financial Services we can help you to have your life back. Do you spend hours balancing books? Are you afraid your cash flow is out of control? Do you struggle to get your BAS to your accountant on time? Maybe you’re just sick of filing? Any day, any time, any place, our book … Read more

Corporate Services

Doing business in today’s competitive environment involves dealing with a maze of regulations created to protect the general consumer. Through our affiliations with quality organisations we can provide to you the following administrative services. Business Startup: Trust deed setup …Read more

Benchmarking / Key Performance

The key to any successful business is forecasting and budgets. There are many competing demands on your cash flow. Your budgets need to include tax planning, debt servicing and business expansion. One of our aims will be to minimise tax through effective tax planning which can be incorporated int … Read more