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KDA Tax & Financial Services Rebranding

Dear KDA Clients,

1. Let me take you back in time

More than 2 and half years ago now, I and Josephine Roberts became business partners in the Melbourne based OzAccounts software consulting and BAS agent firm.

It was a meeting of East and West in more than one way as an experienced and hardworking Australian Vietnamese Accountant ventured into an established and boutique bookkeeping firm setup by an Australian BAS Agent.

2. Our Strengths

The strength of the business partnership built on principles of hard work and genuine care for our clients led to the growth of both KDA and OzAccounts.

Suffice to say, that time has melded the two entities such that our team members work together as one and behind the scenes, this has reaped enormous benefits for our clients who have been able to access the expertise of our expanded team.

3. Why Now?

Whilst we had anticipated launching our new brand earlier in the year, Corona Virus came along to test us all and as a small business ourselves we gave priority to helping our clients keep afloat.  We are not out of the woods yet and are still working harder than ever to support our SMEs as we grapple with a very different world.

4. Why do we change our name?

The new name reflects our new goals, better values and more services offered for our clients. In choosing a name we decided to keep it simple – we do Accounting, of course, but providing merely accounting services isn’t going to help SMEs.

Our slogan is Accounting Advisors : Create a Business You’ll Love. 
We want to be there every step of the way to help our clients create a business which will give them the lifestyle they dream of and achieve the goals they set out to achieve when they first registered their ABN or setup their company.

It’s time to say goodbye to KDA and OzAccounts – we are now going to be known as Accounting Advisors with two locations Perth and Melbourne. 

We are quietly confident that the economy of this great country of ours will turnaround and that small business which is the lifeblood of that economy will bounce back.

We will soon launch our new website and all our team members will have an accountingadvisors.com.au email address.

 Business Locations:       

Perth Office

Unit 1/31 Century Road,

Tel: 1300 731 826

Melbourne Office

Suite 118/530 Little Collins Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: 1300 731 826

Stay safe and look after yourself, talk soon.

Best Regards,

Kevin Dinh & Josephine Roberts