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🚨Scam Alert: Be Aware of Scams! 🚨

🚨 Scam Alert: Be Aware of Scams! 🚨

SCAM ALERT! Did the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) or the Australian Federal Police (AFP) call you on your cell phone? 

There’s a new version of an old tax scam doing the rounds, but guess what scammers, we’re exposing your secrets. 

An example of a recent scam is - 

  1. First, you will receive a call with an automated message saying they’re from the “tax department” saying you’re being audited.
  2. You’ll be asked to select an option be put through to an operator (*also known as a scammer*) – who'll say you owe a tax debt.
  3. If you question them, they would likely end the call OR if you hang up on them - You’ll likely receive a call back about 30 minutes later which “appears” to come from an AFP phone number in Sydney. ( It may look like an official call, but it is definitely the scammers.)
  4. An “AFP Federal Officer” will then threaten you with arrest unless you pay the fine. DO NOT PAY!

 Be suspicious as offical bodies such as the AFP and ATO will NEVER request payment of fines or other monies over the phone, such as: 
🚫Prepaid gift cards (eg iTunes or Google Play).
🚫Direct credit to be paid into a personal bank account or via an ATM.
🚫Demand immediate payment, use aggressive behaviour, or threaten you with arrest or deportation.

As your accountant, we feel that it is our responsibility to warn you about the scams that could be affecting you. If someone from the ATO or AFP calls and sounds suspicious - hang up the phone and block the number - they are not who you think they are.  

Feel free to contact us if the call is  suspicious at (08) 9248 9991, email us at admin@kdaaccountants.com.au or shoot us a message and we will verify the call for you!